As far as I can remember fashion is something that has brought me great joy. Shoes, clothing, handbags, jewelry, hair accessories, the list goes on and on; and it’s not the materialism that brings me joy, it’s the confidence manifested by a great outfit!

Poppy Rose Boutique is not just a clothing store, to me it represents something bigger; hope. I believe that everyone should feel beautiful and my hope is that the pieces curated in every collection, empower people to feel more confident.  Our curated collections are thoughtfully handpicked to ensure there's something for everyone, making fashion accessible to all. We believe in spreading hope and inspiring beauty in every person, regardless of gender.

It has always been a dream of mine to have my own Boutique and the purpose is simple, make quality fashion, affordable and accessible.  At Poppy Rose Boutique, our mission is to empower people to own being beautiful and confident. 


~ Poppy Rose